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Dye sublimation in value products

Perfect for more demanding sublimate applications. It has a composition designed with high quality, ideal for creating products that are rich with detail, with vivid colors and high-definition images.

SaMa Colore

Premium dye sublimation paper



Formats and Width


Main Attributes

Color Intensity

Color Intensity

The best color quality that your product needs.



Reliability in industrial multi-batch productions.



Low humidity which ensures high productivity in variable data printing and high-speed laser printers.



High-definition images printed on superior sublimated products.

Icone 64

64 grams

Superior products were made to stand out for their characteristics, which show off a quality brand. Vibrant colors, sharpness, and fine details characterize the quality of the paper supplied to the fashion industry. They were created to make ideas printed on paper into impressive products, with low ink consumption and high productivity.

Final Applications:

Casual fashion, textile, home textiles, visual communication

Icone 74

74 grams

Made for demanding clients looking for superior detail in their final products. With excellent image-to-fabric transference, you can transfer live and high-definition images to your intended substrate. Also features maximum ink output, sublimated product productivity gains, print process stability, uniformity in multi-batch production, etc.

Final Applications:

Fitness fashion, fast fashion, sportswear, home textiles, customization, gifts

Icone 94

94 grams

Demanding clients want to be surprised with high quality products, made from a rigid manufacturing process, with extreme care and attention to the smallest details. To create products that are rich in detail, with vivid colors and high-definition, our sublimation paper was developed to provide high productivity to create products that stand out for the value of their brand.

Final Applications:

Sportswear, cycling, customization, gifts, footwear

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