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During the papermaking process, the fibers tend to be arranged in the direction of the pressure screen´s movement. Because of this, we can say that, in relation to the direction of the fibers, the paper can be distinguished by two directions: Longitudinal and Transversal. The cellulose fiber has hygroscopic characteristics, that is, it either absorbs […]

Every line of Santa Maria paper is of acid-free paper. Do you know what the advantage of this is? To better understand this feature we need to first understand the definition of paper bonding. Paper bonding consists of reducing or retarding the water penetration in the paper without waterproofing it. Paper used for printing or […]

Kraft paper is a type of paper that has in its composition a mixture of short fibers and long fibers. The presence of long fibers give the paper greater mechanical strength and plasticity. These properties are of extreme importance for the applications that this paper is mainly used for, such as production bags and sacks. […]

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