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Considered one of the 500 largest companies in the South of Brazil, Santa Maria has 55 years of operations.

Icone papel Paper
Icone papel Reforestation
Icone papel Agriculture
Icone papel Energy


Print, paste, cut, fold. Infinite possibilities.

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Our paper portfolio.

Print and write

icone SaMa Print
SaMa Print
icone SaMa Laser
SaMa Laser
icone SaMa Bond

Specialty Paper

icone SaMa Colore
SaMa Colore
icone SaMa Gloss
SaMa Gloss
icone SaMa Edge
icone SaMa Kraft White MG
SaMa Kraft White MG
icone SaMa Kraft White MF
SaMa Kraft White MF
icone SaMa Art
icone SaMa Code
icone SaMa Wall
icone SaMa Kraft White High Bulk
SaMa Kraft White High Bulk

* Before placing your order, check with our sales team for the balance of FSC®️ certified products.

FSC® takes care of forests and the people and wildlife that call them home

FSC® C021980 ·

Since 2009 we are certified FSC®, from forests to paper

Santa Maria goes the extra mile when it offers its products on the market. We guarantee the ideal management of our forests, then we protect the fauna and flora to guarantee the planting of tomorrow´s forests, we respect the communities where we work, and we take care of our collaborators, the ones who guarantee the continuity of our work.

To ensure that all this is carried out responsibly, we have two types of certification ranging from the trees we plant to the paper we deliver to the market.


Productivity and responsible management


Technology and care, from our field to your table.


Renewable energy from our industry to your home.

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