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Responsibility towards society and protection of the environment are values that Santa Maria holds dear. To this end, the company has implemented consistent programs of social progression and environmental protection, which result in the continuous improvement of its production process, in perfect harmony with the environment, respecting current laws, encouraging environmental awareness, and social duty. Socio-environmental responsibility is no longer a project for Santa Maria. It has become a practice.


Water is the keystone in several stages of the paper-making process at Santa Maria. Accordingly, Rio Coutinho, a 100% “guarapuavano” river, is used as the source for the whole operation. Due to the importance and awareness of the need to preserve this non-renewable resource, the company has an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). The major benefits of the chosen technology, Conventional Activated Sludge, are:

  • High treatment efficiency compared to other processes;
  • Quality control of treated water;
  • Flawless system operation.

All the operators are expertly trained in the area of paper and cellulose, with specific training to work at the plant. The sludge drainage still allows it to be used as raw material for various uses, such as paper production and soil fertilization, among others. All necessary analyses (pH, sedimentable solids, suspended solids, COD, BOD, nitrogen) are made in a laboratory of its own, specially designed to meet the plant´s needs. Periodically, effluent samples are sent to external laboratories and, together with the results of the internal laboratory, are forwarded to a competent environmental agency.

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